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WENDY’S NUTTY CHEESE BRAND – Cold Smoked Hickory Cheddar


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Wendy’s Nutty Cheeses offers a remarkable flavor, the Cold Smoked Hickory Cheddar, which is ideal for cheese enthusiasts who appreciate the creamy texture of vegan cheddar paired with the bold and smoky taste of hickory. This cheese is versatile, making it a perfect addition to a cheese board, a delicious pairing with crackers, or an exceptional topping for sandwiches. Each round of this exceptional cheese is crafted with care and precision, ensuring that every bite delivers a truly memorable experience. With its perfect blend of creamy cheddar and smoky hickory flavor, Wendy’s Nutty Cheeses Cold Smoked Hickory Cheddar is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Try it today and discover the ultimate vegan cheese indulgence!
INGREDIENTS: Cashews, Coconut Oil, Tomato, Nutritional Yeast, Sherry, Vinegar, Salt, Onion Powder, Cayenne, Miso, Hickory Smoke contains cashew, coconut
NUTRITION FACTS: Coming Soon! Food Labeling & Nutrition (FDA) Nutritional labels are required on most food products, however, small businesses can claim an exemption from Nutritional Labeling requirements and so many of our makers are still working on getting information with regards to their Nutrition Facts. We will continue to add them as we get them. As a general rule of thumb, the calorie, fat, carb and protein values are relatively similar to that of conventional cheese.


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