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Our Journey Began in 2018​

Seeking Healthy Alternatives
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Jennifer Golden, The Vreamery’s owner, has always loved being in the kitchen and entertaining. Jennifer is passionate about cooking and Science Based Nutrition. She is deeply inspired by industry leaders in the Plant-Based Foods Movement like Chef Matthew Kenney [an American celebrity chef, entrepreneur, author, and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine],  Dr. Michael Greger [] and Dr. Colin Campbell [who coined the term “Whole Food Plant Based” and who sits on the board of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine].

The Vreamery was started in 2018 and quickly expanded into multiple San Luis Obispo Area Farmers Markets and Health Food Stores with their signature cashew cream line. Later that year, Jennifer had the opportunity to attend PLANTLAB, an international Raw Vegan Culinary Academy, where she further expanded her education with culturing, vegan cheese making and raw food preparation.

In August 2020, The Vreamery opened its first store front at the Paso Market Walk Public Market located in Paso Robles, California becoming the third Vegan Cheese Shop in the United States [the first west of Texas] to showcase a variety of small batch, plant-based artisan vegan cheese makers from all over the country.

In addition to curating the largest selection of artisan vegan cheeses online, The Vreamery storefront offers a small, seasonal, made-to-order menu featuring signature Panini, Custom Curated Grazing Boxes, cheese and charcuterie by the ounce and a selection of locally sourced Vegan Grab and Go.

The Vreamery offers 100% Allergen-Free options daily. View our Paso Market Walk menu HERE.

Interested in more? Read Jennifer’s Backstory…

From 325lbs to 135lbs in 50 years!

My entire life has been focused on weight and food and my identifying as “fat”. Before I went in to 7th grade, I was sent to “Fat Camp” for two months because my parents wanted to give me chance at a “normal” middle school experience. I lost weight that summer, and then gained it back which continued to be the pattern for the next 20 years!

I have lost 100lbs or more… TWICE! In 2003 I went from 325 pounds to 165 pounds and the second time was during the pandemic when I went from 235 pounds to 135 pounds! Both instances were diametrically opposed in methodology. The later was characterized by my keeping front of mind my white hot intention to take is slowly and humanely. After a life of fad diets and taking extreme measures, I knew I still had opportunity to embrace a new lifestyle rather than live on a really restrictive plan for a period of time. I discovered Dr. Michael Greger and and my passion for Whole Food Plant-Based nutrition was ignited.

What I have learned… This is a Process, not an Event! For me, the most important consideration is to be kind and loving with myself… all ways, always! Today, my sole food-related intention is to continually level up my choices such that I eat a primarily unprocessed and whole food, plant-based [WFPB] diet.

Thank you for supporting The Vreamery, and making this journey possible for me and my family. I love sharing with people and connecting in a meaningful way with others. Sharing with others is one of the cornerstones of who I am and what I love to do. Thank you for joining The Vreamery Community and I am grateful you are here!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are so moved. I personally read every email, social post and review and would love to chat!



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