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The Vreamery’s signature Creamy Cashew “Vream Cheese” Varietals are made with fresh, often local and always top shelf ingredients including raw, organic cashews. We soak the cashews for 11 hours in service to maximizing the body’s ability to receive all the nutritional benefits cashews offer. Additionally, we use premium quality, often local, ingredients that are always free from gluten, soy, fillers and preservatives. Our Vream Cheese Varietals elevate crackers, baguettes and sandwiches bringing them to the next level as well as make for epic sauces on pasta, rice, veggies, baked potato, grain bowls and veggie burgers. 

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Artichoke Garlic is our favorite with pasta, just add to a saucepan with some non dairy milk, pasta water or broth and add the cooked pasta with a garnish of fresh herbs like Parsley and Basil.


Balsamic Bliss is both sweet and savory, making an ideal match with fresh strawberries and grilled fruit, pairs lovely with fresh sliced tomato, basil and balsamic and makes an amazing topping on roasted veggies like roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower.

Balsamic Bliss Probiotic Plant Pate - Nutrition Label


With a smoky and spicy bold flavor, the Chile Cumin gives a zesty kick to Mexican food favs like quesadillas, tacos and burritos as well as makes a fiery dip to add to chips and salsa.

Chile Cumin Probiotic Plant Pate - Nutrition Label


The Smokehouse varietal makes a fabulous and robust sauce for a modern take on the quintessential Mac and Cheese! Simply add the cultured cashew cream to a saucepan and add the cooked noodles along with some of the starchy pasta water and warm everyone’s heart with this ultimate classic!

Slightly Smokey Probiotic Plant Pate - Nutrition Label


Making for a great spread, add our Tomato Basil to crackers, baguette, sandwich as well as make a lovely sauce by simply adding a little non dairy milk, broth or pasta water.


With a subtle influence of Indian and East Asian cuisine, Truffle Turmeric is our favorite to add to grains like rice as well as served as a flatbread spread and drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh squeezed lemon and fresh chopped herbs.


All of our DIY kits are available through our online store here

Ideal for Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Nachos & Quesadillas, this kit makes about a pound of finished cheese, takes under 5 minutes to make and requires as few as only two ingredients! But wait, there’s more! Get super creative and consider adding special ingredients like sun dried tomato and basil, or marinated mushrooms and some dark beer and craft a truly signature cheese!

What you will need in addition to this kit:

  • 1.5 cup of your fluid of choice- Preferably homemade almond or cashew milk (thus no funky ingredients) or Trader Joe’s brand of milk found in the cold case. Consider getting creative and make a milk from white beans and water, reduce some veggie broth or add a splash of white wine or beer!
  • 2-4 tablespoons of oil- Refined Coconut Oil is ideal as it has no flavor, is firm at room temperature and can be found at most health food stores. You can use other oils but keep in mind that like in the case of olive oil, the flavor of the end product will be influenced.
  • 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon or lime juice- This is optional and will add that tang you get with aged cheeses. Add the lemon/lime right before pouring the batter into the container.
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