+/- 4.0 Ounces

Store as you would the dairy counterpart and should last about 2 weeks from date of purchase and will freeze beautifully without any compromise to taste and/or texture.

• Organic Coconut Milk
• GMO-free coconut oil (flavorless)
• Organic GMO free lecithin
• Vegan Probiotics
• Organic proprietary seasonings

Nutritional Info: 1 Tablespoon
• Calories- 90
• Fat- 10 grams
• Sodium- 70 mg
• Carbs- 0 grams
• Protein-0 grams

1 review for CULTURED TRUFFLE BUTTER [alternative]

  1. Sara Jean

    Just had some of this last night on some warm pumpernickel bread and it was so good. Just the right amount of truffle flavor, not overdone, not underwhelming. Love this spread!

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