Rich, smooth, and buttery, koji-foie gras makes the classiest addition to your dinner party.

  • What is Koji? Koji is the bacteria starter used to make many Japanese fermented products such as sake, soy sauce and miso. It is an ancient ingredient but due to growing interest in fermented foods and their health benefits, it has recently increased in popularity as it is a tasty, slightly healthier alternative to salt.

Store frozen. Can be frozen for up to 12 months. Serve refrigerated. Once thawed, consume within 3 weeks.

Coconut oil, koji culture, yeast, water, pea protein, sugar, concentrated apple juice, less than 2 percent of sea salt, spices, sesame oil, red beet powder, carrot extract, vinegar, rice, natural flavor, rice bran oil, sunflower lecithin, gellan gum.

2 oz has 230 Calories, 21g Fat [16g saturated], 0 Cholesterol, 280 mg Sodium, 4 Carbs [1 Fiber, 2 Sugar], 5g Protein, 0% Vit. D, 4mg Calcium, 1mg Iron, 60mg Potassium

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