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PRIME ROOTS BRAND – Black Forest Ham Deli Slices


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A classic Koji Ham inspired by the German tradition, with notes of juniper, garlic, and coriander. What is Koji? Koji is the bacteria starter used to make many Japanese fermented products such as sake, soy sauce and miso. It is an ancient ingredient but due to growing interest in fermented foods and their health benefits, it has recently increased in popularity as it is a tasty, slightly healthier alternative to salt. This product is hand-cut and wrapped in-house.
INGREDIENTS: Koji Culture, Yeast, Water, Natural Flavor, Konjac, Rice Bran Oil, Less than 2 percent of Sea Salt, Rice, Spices, Garlic Powder, Natural Lycopene For Color, Sesame Oil, Hydrated Lime, Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) contains sesame
NUTRITION FACTS: 2 oz has 80 Calories, 3.5g Fat [0 saturated], 0 Cholesterol, 480 mg Sodium, 7 Carbs [5 Fiber, 1 Sugar], 7g Protein, 0% Vit. D, 77mg Calcium, 0mg iron, 165mg Potassium

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1.5 in

5 reviews for PRIME ROOTS BRAND – Black Forest Ham Deli Slices

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Victoria Merkel (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    smoke is a little sharp taste more chemically than anything else.

  4. Victoria (verified owner)

    Super yummy

  5. pogopower (verified owner)

    It has the exact texture that I remember with ham and the spicing is perfect not overwhelming like many other sliced alterantives.

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