+/- 4.0 Ounces

This cheese is a double hitter, served as a Cream Cheese out of the fridge and when at room temperature or on something hot becomes like Sour Cream. Store as you would the dairy counterpart and should last about 2 weeks from date of purchase and will freeze beautifully without any compromise to taste and/or texture.

• Organic raw cashews
• GMO-free coconut oil (flavorless)
• Vegan Probiotics
• Organic proprietary seasonings

Nutritional Info: 1 ounce
• Calories- 94
• Fat- 9 grams
• Sodium-61 mg
• Carbs- 3 grams
• Protein-1 gram


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3 reviews for CULTURED SOUR CREAM AND CREAM CHEESE [alternative]

  1. Devon Williams

    OMG! Is this stuff the bomb… it is so thick and kicked ass on our baked potatoes. We even used some as a sauce on our pasta by adding some almond milk and garlic powder. It tasted just like an Alfredo Sauce. We get this just about every week now at the Los Osos Monday Farmers Market. Thank you!!!

  2. Cara L.

    This is the most wonderful cheese/sour cream dairy alternative! I purchased some at the Vegan Fest in SLO. It is absolutely delicious. I will look for you at Farmer’s Markets.

  3. Chantel

    I was so excited to run in to this booth at our local farmers market! I have purchased from them a couple times. I have sampled many of their items. This sour cream is AMAZING … and I am a sour cream LOVER! All their products are so tasty. I am thankful to have them local so I can still get my cheese fix withought the dairy!

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