+/- 4.0 Ounces

Store as you would the dairy counterpart and should last about 2 weeks from date of purchase and will freeze beautifully without any compromise to taste and/or texture.

• Organic raw cashews
• GMO-free coconut oil (flavorless)
• Vegan Probiotics
• Organic proprietary seasonings

Nutritional Info: 1 ounce
• Calories- 74
• Fat- 7 grams
• Sodium- 47 mg
• Carbs- 2 grams
• Protein-1 gram


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Purple, Red

3 reviews for CULTURED RANCH DRESSING [alternative]

  1. Eva Arebalo

    Being a vegan – I finally have a plant based alternative to cheese. I love all the different flavors and have to get my healthy weekly fix. Thank you Jennifer for making such yummy dairy free cheeses!!

  2. Ellen Eckstein

    I bought some of this at Templeton Farmer’s Market today. It is absolutely delicious. I’m looking forward to trying more of the products

  3. Susi McNeil

    Melt a couple of Tbs in the microwave 5-10 sec for a great creamy dairy-free salad dressing!

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