DIY Kit Mellow Jack Food Service Size

    • +/- 500 grams of dry mix which creates over 10 lbs. of prepared cheese.
    • The cost per ounce of finished cheese is $.53 (cents) affording restaurant chefs fabulous margins.
    • Using the base mix offers the restaurant Chef, or home cook, the ability to make unlimited custom varietals of firm and meltable cheese.
    • Invoke your creativity with the addition of such things as caramelized onions, garlic, sauteed mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, etc to craft a completely unique and proprietary cheese blend.
    • For 1 lb of finished cheese one will need 50 grams of the mix plus the addition of 1.5 cups of fluid (veggie based milk or broth) and 2-4 tablespoons of refined coconut oil. This mix makes 10 lbs worth of finished customizable cheese and make as little or as much as you want at any given time.
    • Ingredients: Gluten Free Tapioca Starch, Kosher Irish Sea Moss, Inactive Nutritional Yeast, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Various Natural Seasonings.
    • The cost includes shipping.


This kit can easily be transformed in to a signature cheese by adding ingredients and seasonings like Marinated Mushrooms and Artichokes, Sauteed Peppers and Veggies, Caramelized onions and Garlic, Smoked Paprika, Pepper Flakes, Dill and Herbs, Liquid Smoke, White Wine and Craft Beer.


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