Currently, we only ship our Do It Yourself Meltable Vegan Cheesemaking Kits (as the cost to ship refrigerated products is prohibitive).

If you reside in SLO County and would like our items delivered check out… they will deliver directly to your door!

If you are outside the area and want to order our D.I.Y. Kits, we ship everywhere in the USA via the US Post Office First Class Mail which typically takes a few days. With orders over $75 shipping is free, otherwise we charge a flat rate of $15.

  • Renders 1 pound or more
  • Takes as few as 5 minutes
  • Requires only 2 ingredients [dairy-free milk & oil]
  • Fully customizable [add tomatoes & basil, sauteed mushrooms, fresh peppers, liquid smoke and more for a signature cheese]
  • Use dairy-free milk to craft a super gooey, meltable cheese and a thicker vegan cream or yogurt to product a fabulous snacking cheese perfect for crackers and charcuterie

Check out how easy it is to make our DIY Kit!>

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